Gaming aids for Thud Ridge

f4j_vf-92_cva-64I have created two gaming aids for Wings at War – Thud Ridge:

  • A record sheet in Word and Open Document format.
  • A listing of US units suitable for playing in Thud Ridge. This 1 MB PDF lists both Air Force and Navy units for the Rolling Thunder (focusing on 1967) and Linebacker campaigns. I will build my forces from these lists.

Featured units are:

  • USAF 1967: 8th TFW, 355th TFW, 432nd TRW416th TFS, 4258th SW, 37th ARRS, 56th ACW
  • US Navy 1967: CVW 21 (USS Bon Homme Richard) and CVW 14 (USS Constellation)
  • USAF 1972: 432nd TRW, 474th TFW, 388th TFW, 4258th SW, 40th ARRS, 56th SOW
  • US Navy 1972: CVW 9 (USS Constellation)

All units have been chosen due to their involvement in important battles and MiG kills.